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The world on a plate

Recipes and stories from Argentina to Zambia in the spirit of More-with-Less.

A trip to any book store will bring you into contact with any number of books on “international cuisine.” Extending the Table is different. It is not so much a compendium of epicurean delights as a walk with someone from a different place and culture. Joetta Handrich Schlach writes in her foreword:

We did not glean recipes from a refined list of the world’s best dishes. These are recipes that people learned to eat as they lived, worked, and grew to know others in settings as diverse as the winding paths of Uganda, the mountains of Appalachia, a rice table in Indonesia, and an international center in London. Since each recipe represents a relationship, we must share the stories and friendships that first gave flavor to the foods.

Extending the Table was compiled and authored by Schlabach with assistance from Kristina Mast Burnett, recipe editor.